Have you ever heard of Nanowrimo? In basic terms, it is a novel writing competition where you try to write every day and reach a total of 50,000 words in 30 days. It will be my second year participating, and with some luck, my first year actually making the wordcount. It started November 1st and lasts the entirety of the month.

I’m using this year to get into gear and start writing a Sci-fi novel I have many plans for. I have technically already started the novel  but only by the first 1k words. I am so excited to be able to dive back into writing and immerse myself into the world of writing and just let the words carry me away.

If you want to add me as a writing buddy on the nanowrimo site, my name is T.C. Elizabeth.

How is my nanoprep going as of now?

Nanoprep is the plotting process for your nanowrimo project. I started plotting this book back in September but this October I’m really cracking down so I can write the easiest possible way when November starts.

I prep by creating my cast of characters, developing them and the world. Then going chapter by chapter and plotting a general idea of what will happen at every stage of the project. So that then, when I’m writing it is simply just following my plan and writing it out however I want to.

I have dedicated a notebook (thematically appropriate to the novel) and there is where I keep all the details and plans for me to return to while I write.

I do all my writing in Google docs. I lose notebooks too easily, have too messy of handwriting, to hand-write. Plus, I love the accessibility of being able to write on any computer, any phone, tablet..etc that Google docs provides.

Because I do dream of publishing in the very distant future, I won’t go into detail about my project but I will share some inspirations and character aesthetics.

For literary inspirations for this story I’m going to say Leigh Bardugo’s writing and Marissa Meyer’s writing. Both of these INCREDIBLE AUTHORS, are in my top 5 favorite books of all time and I won’t deny that their books helped spark the idea I have get into my brain.

Now the fun part, character aesthetics. I shared these on my spam instagram account (my bookstagram is @_talibear_  GO FOLLOW) about a week ago. I won’t disclaim which characters are which or anything. But I will share them with you now.

Thank you for reading! Follow me on Goodreads @ Tali Bear


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