The End of Week 1

This is a bit late, I had planned to write another post sooner but school, life and many other things pulled me away from doing so. Luckily, here I am ready to write–er… currently writing.

So let me catch up:

  •   NaNoWriMo week 1
  •   An Evening with Sarah J Maas LA event
  • School
  • Social Media

As I wrote before, this is my second year participating in NaNoWriMo, last year I attempted to write a YA Fantasy novel, which hopefully I’ll return to one day, but this year I am working on the first draft of the first book in what I believe will eventually be a sci-fi series.

I broke 10k words last night, and even though I am about 3k away from where I should be, I am proud of the 10k I did manage to write, slipping in words at any time of the day.

I’ve fallen hard for the world in this story, the characters. They’re so vivid, more tangible than any other characters I’ve created before.

Next, let’s discuss “An Evening with Sarah J Maas” LA event.

This was… a dream come true for me.

I’ll be honest, I’m not a long-time Maas fan, two years ago I didn’t even know who she was. Then while watching booktube one day, I saw her books and I knew I had to read them. So, I walked down the block with my mother in tow and purchased both “A Court of Thorns and Roses” By Sarah J Maas and “Cinder” by Marissa Meyer.

Later that night I began to read, and I fell. I fell hard. Within a month of starting “A Court of Thorns and Roses” I had read every one of her books up to “The Assassin’s Blade” and “Tower of Dawn.”

As it stands now, I have read all except “Catwoman: Soulstealer” which is staring at me from my bookshelf and am halfway through “Kingdom of Ash” so when my mom got us the tickets, the day of my mom’s birthday in fact, I was ecstatic.

Obviously, as a writer, I know authors exist, I know they are real people. Just like actors, directors, musician’s etc… I recognize that these are legitimate people with their own day to day lives and experiences, and that as an aspiring writer we are no different besides in our own separate experiences and lives. We are all human. Of course.

But to see this person, that you look up to, up close. Was a shock, a good shock, but a shock. I teared up during the event, I couldn’t wipe the grin from my face- and neither could my mom. We both read and obsessed over the “Throne of Glass” and “A Court of Thorns and Roses” series together, buddy read them, taking turns.

To celebrate my mom’s birthday with something so meaningful and fun for the both of us felt like the world. And to leave feeling so inspired to pick up a pen and write. To get back into NaNoWriMo, and write until my fingers bled, my wrist ached from typing, my brain turned to mush and leaked out my ears as I lost myself entirely into a world.

Third, school. The sour topic. I’ve always been a good student, or atleast an average or above. But I am an avid procrastinator. Not in the sense that I don’t want to do an assignment or am purposely pushing away tasks.

I just want to do so much.

I overload my plate with things to do. School, writing, bookstagram, reading, blogging, family time, time for positive thinking, and of course the small joy of being a teenager like most social media, watching Youtube, movies…etc.

Each and every morning the first thing I do after walking my dog and making my bed, is make a to-do list. I try not to overload myself, to keep it lenient. If I run out of time to do something, or decide “not today” I don’t mark myself down for it.

As long as I can cross out two things a day, I consider it a win.

social media.

So, I am mainly on instagram (bookstagram) and twitter.

(instagram: _talibear_

twitter: talibearblogs )

Thanks for reading!

-T.C. Elizabeth






“Choosing Me: Love Letters from A Poet” Review

I got the opportunity to read an ARC of poet Bill Weber’s new book “Choosing Me: Love Letters from a Poet.” I first would like to thank the author and his marketing assistant for allowing me the opportunity to read and review this heartwarming book.

Typically, this is not a typical book I would reach for but I still very much enjoyed the experience of reading it. I generally look for three things when reading poetry; 1. Emotional history 2. Good writing and mostly importantly, 3. Enjoyment

In the introduction of the book, Weber allows us to see a bit into his mind and how he got into poetry. It’s a lovely story of his wife’s encouragement. While the poetry itself mainly consists of sensuality and praising the people you love, the introduction is endearing and utterly charming.

From a writer’s standpoint, the writing was impeccable. The prose and word flow was consistent and lovely on the eyes. I will add, there is some repetition throughout the poems but I chopped it up to be all apart of a theme of praise and passion.

The biggest thing when reading is whether or not I enjoy the experience. I’ve read books with horrible writing that I loved and books with beautiful, perfect writing I couldn’t finish. I said before, this isn’t something I would normally choose for myself. I stray away from pure romance. BUT… this book got the better of me, imagining it as what it presents itself as, love letters made the story incredibly pure despite its tendency to dip into an almost erotic nature.

    Overall, I’d give this book a 5/5 for romantic beings and couples to buddy read. As for my own situation a 4 or a 4.5 heart rating. It’s a lovely collection of poetry for the inner romantic in you, that sappy romantic just isn’t me.


Have you ever heard of Nanowrimo? In basic terms, it is a novel writing competition where you try to write every day and reach a total of 50,000 words in 30 days. It will be my second year participating, and with some luck, my first year actually making the wordcount. It started November 1st and lasts the entirety of the month.

I’m using this year to get into gear and start writing a Sci-fi novel I have many plans for. I have technically already started the novel  but only by the first 1k words. I am so excited to be able to dive back into writing and immerse myself into the world of writing and just let the words carry me away.

If you want to add me as a writing buddy on the nanowrimo site, my name is T.C. Elizabeth.

How is my nanoprep going as of now?

Nanoprep is the plotting process for your nanowrimo project. I started plotting this book back in September but this October I’m really cracking down so I can write the easiest possible way when November starts.

I prep by creating my cast of characters, developing them and the world. Then going chapter by chapter and plotting a general idea of what will happen at every stage of the project. So that then, when I’m writing it is simply just following my plan and writing it out however I want to.

I have dedicated a notebook (thematically appropriate to the novel) and there is where I keep all the details and plans for me to return to while I write.

I do all my writing in Google docs. I lose notebooks too easily, have too messy of handwriting, to hand-write. Plus, I love the accessibility of being able to write on any computer, any phone, tablet..etc that Google docs provides.

Because I do dream of publishing in the very distant future, I won’t go into detail about my project but I will share some inspirations and character aesthetics.

For literary inspirations for this story I’m going to say Leigh Bardugo’s writing and Marissa Meyer’s writing. Both of these INCREDIBLE AUTHORS, are in my top 5 favorite books of all time and I won’t deny that their books helped spark the idea I have get into my brain.

Now the fun part, character aesthetics. I shared these on my spam instagram account (my bookstagram is @_talibear_  GO FOLLOW) about a week ago. I won’t disclaim which characters are which or anything. But I will share them with you now.

Thank you for reading! Follow me on Goodreads @ Tali Bear

Welcome Home

Hello, my name is Talitha. I’m currently 17 years old living in California. I live with my parents, aunt, and three dogs (Lightning, female 10, Bolt, male 9, and Pirate, male 6)  I am very opinionated like many of the teenagers of this generation. I’ve always felt as if I had  words inside me, words that I needed to share and express. Stories from my imagination and stories of my life.

I originally attempted to create a Youtube channel which can still be found @ talibear but I never found the same satisfaction with my content as I did when compared to what I could write.

I spend my days attending virtual school, walking my dogs, reading books, writing a few “secret” projects I hope I can one day let see the light of day. Reviewing the books I read, the tv shows I watch, and the movies I feast upon.

While I am not an expert in anything, I find that the most genuine accurate reviews are from those who do not claim to be experts in the field. The commoners will provide realistic reviews that will more accurately fit your situation as well.

So this is what this, a place where I can share my opinions, my experiences, perhaps my writing.

Before I let you go… let me share a few of my passions so you can better know me and my background. I grew up on horror films and rock music, my dad the reason for that. For a long while I dreamed of becoming a special effects makeup artist, but my passion wasn’t in that industry.

Then for a few years, I wanted to become an actress (wow so original) and be on Broadway, I participated in three productions (highschool/community) then called it quits. It just wasn’t in my cards.

So I looked back, tried to find my constants. Ever since I was just a toddler I loved storytelling, I loved books and reading. From the ages 9 to 13 I wrote different stories every day (even if none of them were concluded) I wrote, and I wrote, and I gobbled up the characters in my mind and typed away til my heart’s content. And believe me, I READ. Story after story, barnes and noble trip after barnes and noble trip, library visits, and stacks of books piling up within my covers as I devoured worlds whole.

Then I stopped writing. I rarely read. I got into a depression, and my anxiety sky rocketed. For a few years, I was lost. I couldn’t reach towards the passions I had, couldn’t try and climb my way out of my dark little cocoon of teenage angst and mental health illnesses.

Finally, as I started therapy, as I moved out of a toxic location, like a candle in the midst of my soul a spark lit and I crawled out of my tunnel by my teeth and found my light again. I started to read again, started to write. Slowly but surely my home library grew like an infection, spreading shelves across the walls and I WAS FREE.

I still have days of struggle, still have nights of tear-soaked pillows and waking to panic attacks. But I am happy. I am passion, flurries of flame and sunlight, of happiness and breaking out of ruts, of to do lists and motivation.

This is me sharing my obsessions, my passions, my loves, my positive and negative thoughts, my mess of reviews and writing dribbles. Of announcements and life updates, and how I am and who I am.

Thank you for reading. Thank you for joining me.

Reading is a conversation. All books talk. But a good book listens as well. -Mark Haddon